Earn Revenue through the Content Creator Program

  • 08/07/22
Discover how easy it is to earn revenue with MY.GAMES!

When you join the Content Creator Program, you will be eligible to earn revenue through a variety of methods depending on the games you’re creating content for. We are constantly working on adding new ways for Content Creators to earn revenue. Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to earn:

  • Player Referral: Certain games will offer your own unique tracking link that you can use to invite players to sign up and play the game. You will then receive a percentage of any purchases made by those players in-game.
  • Website Packs: Select packs and items sold on the game’s official website may be eligible for revenue sharing. You will receive your own unique tracking link, and a percentage of any purchases of said packs or items made by a players who used your link.
  • MY.GAMES Market Packs: Like content from official game websites, there may be packs on MY.GAMES Market that are eligible for revenue sharing. You will be set up with a unique ‘Influencer Code’ and receive a percentage of any packs purchased using your code.

There are also additional opportunities to earn revenue. For example, we may work with creators to create content for use in marketing campaigns, and Content Creators who help may be eligible to earn revenue.

How do I claim the revenue I earn from the Content Creator Program?

You will manage the revenue you earn through Donation Alerts. Specifically, you can withdraw your revenue through the Donation Alerts MY PAYOUTS tool which allows you to easily transfer the revenue to your bank account, PayPal account or other services.

What percentage of revenue is shared with creators?

The percentage of revenue shared with a creator is dependant on the game and the type of revenue sharing being used. For more information about this subject, please reach out to our Influencer or Community Managers.

What is Donation Alerts?

Donation Alerts is a suite of tools for content creators. The service empowers streamers (gamers, bloggers, celebrities, public figures and many others) around the globe by giving them all the necessary tools to enhance their channel with the inclusion of widgets, polls, multi-chats and many other systems designed to provide more meaningful interactions with their audience. In addition to these features, the service supports all global streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Smashcast, and DailyMotion.

Donation Alerts also provides a comprehensive tool for viewers to support their favorite streamers in different ways, it has a convenient all-in-one internal wallet which can help withdraw money or convert funds into any other external currencies — be it conventional currencies or Bitcoin, through credit cards, PayPal (including daily automatic transfers), WebMoney, Sofort and bank cards coming later.

Do I have to have a Donation Alerts account?

If you wish to participate in the Content Creator Program revenue sharing, you must have a Donation Alerts account.

Do I have to use Donation Alerts tools on my stream?

Creators and influencers are not required to use any tools Donation Alerts has to offer if they do not wish to. Donation Alerts can be used only to manage your revenue gained from the Content Creator Program revenue sharing.

Is it possible for custom packs to be created for specific creators?

At this time, this is not possible.